RDA- Resource Description and Access- activation on OASIS

To activate the new menu items referred to in the OASIS Library Release Notes,
select I5 Enable RDA compliance in the B1 Library Management menu. Then quit the
module and select B1 again. The new menu items will be displayed.

Release Notes only referred to, (and showed screen dumps of,) B1 I1 – I4, but the B1 the menu
did not match what was illustrated in the Release Notes, i.e. there was no I1 to
I4 only an I5 (Activate RDA). Use the following;

Select I5 then exit back to the main menu.

Then go back in to B1 and I1 – I4 should be available.

To save confusion ITD then went ahead and remotely activated RDA so that anyone who had
not already done so, did not need to worry about missing step in the Release
Notes instructions.

Assume that ITD had intended to activate RDA remotely prior to making the Release Notes available, but somehow
that didn’t happen, hence the confusion.

Also use this link for SCIS RDA information

Catalogue help- New address 2013

Cataloguing Team
Learning Systems,  NSW Office of Public Schools
1 Oxford Street
From 30/5/13 please deliver to the above address. Please do not send mail or couriers, or drop
resources at our Ryde address after Friday 17 May. Please hold Oxford Street deliveries until 30/5/13.

New contact details including phone numbers
will be added to our website as soon as they are available at http://www.curriculumsupport.education.nsw.gov.au/schoollibraries/scis/index.htm
cataloguing enquiries please contact
For  enquiries about other library matters, including policy and curriculum support

The NSW SCIS Agency receives Hot topics and each one is catalogued on the
database.  You can find the SCIS number by performing an OPAC search in SCISWeb,
and order the catalogue record using the SCIS number.

SCIS Cataloguer
Learning Systems, NSW Office of Public
Level 1, 1 Oxford St, Darlinghurst 2010
Mailing address: Locked
bag 53, Darlinghurst 1300
T (02)  9266 8656  | F
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