Delete Borrower with “Override” present for Borrower

Hi, In regards to removing borrowers. I’ve been deleting old staff members that have left the school by returning their old loans from many years before and disposing, then deleting those borrowers. I have one staff member left that I can’t delete because they have items on loan BUT I can’t find out exactly what those items are (so I can return and dispose) as OASIS keeps coming up with “OVERRIDE” where the barcode would be. I loaned another item to this user to see what would happen, “OVERRIDE” was in top line and the newly borrowed book was in the next line. I have no idea what to do to get rid of this override and I would really appreciate any help I can get with this. These are some of the responses to your query:

  • On a high security level go into B2, A1 & loans for the teacher to bring up borrowed items list.  In B2, E1 with the “OVERRIDE” try typing in the command “override” as it sounds like the teacher borrowed a reference book.  If this doesn’t work it might be due to “OVERRIDE” being accidentally added as the barcode for this item years ago — you would need to contact DET IT Help about fixing it.
  • Go to returns and type in override exactly as it appears on the screen. Also, any other unusual things like that, just type in exactly what the message comes up.
  • You might like to try B2 A1 and go to surname and then look at loans.
  • I presume you have tried typing Override into the returns box. I’d someone has used the temporary loans facility and typed override in at an inappropriate point in the process.
  • Type override. Put in a due date. Then type ‘borrow’ and it will show you what they have on loan and the barcode numbers.
  • I had this problem,

    go to E2 – returns and return


    this also works for any typos or weird words there –

    then the borrower will have no items under their name.

  • I had this only last week but the entry was RENEW. To get rid of it off the borrower just go into B2 E2 and type the word in the exact same way as it appears – if all capitals that’s how you type it.


To renew items that are not present with borrower;
If you go into B2 A1
F Find
S Surname Type in surname, you may need to (n next or p previous to get the correct person)
L loans
Arrow up or down to put the cursor next to the item
R renew
C confirm

Conversion to ERN

B2 A3 will convert your current Borrower ID barcodes to their ERN as their barcode number, you only need to do this once. Then whenever you do a Refresh Students (B4 R3), one of the options is “Match Student code” select Y = Yes.